Cristina Villegas

National Safety Month at Humanim

Humanim is a Maryland-based nonprofit building pathways to employment and personal autonomy for those who need it most. Throughout the month of June, their facilities manager gives safety presentations to ensure workplace safety and comply with OSHA standards. I designed a handout and a matching rollup banner to help the manager engage staff in her presentations.


Graphic design



Roll-up banner


1 week





Noun Project

The facilities manager at Humanim wanted the handout and banner to include the four safety topics listed on the National Safety Council's (NSC) website. The goal was to present these graphics in a way that was memorable and aligned with both the NSC's approach and Humanim's branding.

I started off with three iterations for the banner, exploring different layouts and images, before narrowing down the design with the communications team. I included graphic elements inspired by road safety signs to match the theme, and I kept the layout simple and straightforward so viewers can easily retain the main takeaways. Each topic's icon is pulled from the NSC's website and paired with one of Humanim's colors. 

I then applied the finalized design approach to the handout, with the exception of the grey striped rectangle to leave breathing room for the detailed text.