Cristina Villegas

The person behind the portfolio.

You can call me Cris. I’m a big art & design nerd. When I’m not working, I’m always making something, whether it’s sculptural decor for my home, game design projects, art zines, or simply plain ol' doodling. My favorite fonts are Open Sans for legibility and Cy for some glitchy fun. My favorite type foundry is Supertype, and I’m a big fan of Beatriz Lozano’s and Christoph Niemann’s work.

Originally pursuing a career in psychotherapy, I shifted to graphic design when I discovered I could combine my interest in psychology & art through visual communication. I use my introversion and sensitivity as tools to listen and connect with the people I design for, on a personal level.

Client Appreciation

" Working with Cristina was such a pleasure. They took the time to meet with me, listen to my vision of the end product and they really brought it to life! Cristina’s communication throughout the process made it a really enjoyable experience, I would definitely work with them again."

– Syd Collier, Founder of Roots Tea Blends

"Cristina did an amazing job creating a new website and brand that looks professional and completely captures the feel of my nonprofit. Working with them is a real delight – communication is clear and the work is timely. I highly recommend their services."

✎ – Georgia Heyward, Executive Director of Fig Education Lab

"Cristina is an absolute pleasure and a pro to work with. A couple of years ago I hired Cristina to transform qualitative research findings into infographics. Cristina never missed a deadline, and was patient translating my convoluted academic thoughts into crisp and clear graphics. The project we worked on was for a non-US audience, for many of whom English may not be a first or even second language, and Cristina took this challenge head on."

✎ – Joeva Rock, Anthropologist

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I share my collaborations with local businesses and fellow artists on more artistic projects like zines, logos, and illustrations.