Cristina Villegas

Juneteenth Marketing Campaign

Project Yoga Richmond (PYR) is a tight-knit nonprofit that works collaboratively with communities to offer accessible yoga and mindfulness programs. In June of 2023, PYR hosted a series of events alongside other BIPOC-led organizations to recognize Juneteenth and raise funds for their operations. I created a marketing campaign on Instagram to promote these events.



Creative direction

Graphic design



2 week Instagram campaign


1 month





I worked with co-founder J Miles and event planners Amy Salguero & Rebekah Wood to outline a schedule of posts highlighting each organization and their offerings at the Juneteenth events. The photos were sourced from our community’s photographers and the captions were based on conversations I had with community members and the language commonly used by everyone involved. Members of each organization did their part to share the posts and expand our reach.

Halfway through the campaign, a tragic event devastated Richmond. A mass shooting occurred at a high school graduation. We felt it was necessary to pause and acknowledge this deep loss, and adjust our messaging to touch on the difficult conversations that must be had in order to dismantle systems of oppression.

The synergy of our collaborative approach boosted our reach significantly. We brought around 200 people together and raised over $2,500 in just one weekend of events. PYR’s Instagram followers increased by over 50 followers, demonstrating a revitalized community ready to collaborate.

Videos of the events by Jon Cope at Sankofa Community Orchard (left), and Mama Crown at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (right).