Cristina Villegas

Journey to 

A Bond Bill Infographic

Humanim is a Maryland-based nonprofit building pathways to employment and personal autonomy for those who need it most. The VP of Development wanted to create an infographic that demystifies the process of applying for Bond Bill funding. This infographic conveys the concrete steps and timeline to internal staff and the board of directors. The turnaround for this project was tight due to an upcoming board meeting.


Graphic design




4 days



Noun Project

I started off by brainstorming the most effective way to visually communicate the timeline, which consisted of monthly goals. While consulting my own work calendar that day, I realized the familiarity of the monthly view in online calendars would translate seamlessly into the layout for this infographic. I proceeded to design the layout based on this idea, and included color-coded icons for each entity involved in the application process. I then paired the individual steps for July with subtle icons to make the text more digestible. 

The infographic has since made it easier for staff to strategize their funding process as new projects arise.