Cristina Villegas

iScan & DocuWare Campaign Graphics

iScan is a Maryland-based social enterprise with a 40-year history of offering document management services while employing community members with disabilities and barriers to employment. 

In 2023, they expanded their services by partnering with DocuWare, a cloud-based software. In collaboration with their marketing team, I’ve been creating a series of social media graphics to promote this new service offering.

Jeff’s concept sketch (left) and my final illustration (right).


Graphic design

Creative direction


LinkedIn graphics


1-3 days per graphic




Noun Project

iScan's Vice President, Jeff Edwards, has been with the company for over 34 years and knows his customers' needs better than anyone. Throughout the process of adopting and marketing DocuWare's cloud-based services, Jeff has come up with comics depicting how DocuWare simplifies document management. Since iScan did not have an official illustration style prior to this campaign, it was my responsibility to establish a cohesive visual system to communicate these concepts.

Once the marketing team has grounded Jeff's idea in a structured post with a caption, I design the visual component. I take into consideration iScan's brand guidelines and trusted reputation as well as current trends in tech-related graphics. With each new idea, I make sure the graphics feel unified and follow the same visual system. I chose a stick figure to match the look of the "i" in "iScan". The information follows the same flow from left to right, with the emotion in the stick figure's movement adding an emotional layer to the story. To add some visual interest and align the graphics with DocuWare's own illustration style, I apply a gradient noise texture to the graphics. iScan's followers on LinkedIn have been thrilled with the creative direction of these graphics.