Cristina Villegas

Infinity Center Listicles

The Infinity Center for Behavior Services offers Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) therapy to children ages 1-8 who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Every so often, staff at the Infinity Center write educational “listicles'' for parents, which are quick lists of how they can support their kids’ growth and development. The marketing director wanted eye-catching graphics to boost the visibility of these blog posts and proposed we base the design off of recipe thumbnail images on Pinterest.


Graphic design


Social media graphics


1 day per graphic




When the staff at the Infinity Center hand off a new blog post to me, I start the design process by searching for a relevant image. I make sure to balance out the diversity of the people in the images to faithfully represent the populations they serve. I also look for images with ample space for a title. From there, I work with the brand guidelines and design the typography of the title to fit like a well-balanced tetris block. I assemble the design in InDesign and place the title in a way that complements the composition of the photograph.

These graphics help boost the visibility of the content by visually delivering a solution to obstacles parents commonly encounter when caring for their children.