Cristina Villegas

The person behind the portfolio

Behind every design I make is a lot of care and attention. When I first started out as a graphic designer in 2018, I was working with affluent clients at an NYC tech startup. I quickly burned out and realized I had no motivation for consumerist projects. After moving to Richmond, Virginia and building new relationships, I discovered that I feel most inspired when I work with clients who care about making sustainable and equitable social change in their communities.

The projects I enjoy the most are those in which my job is to create order out of chaos. I specialize in designing layouts that are easy to understand and accessible. I communicate my clients' message through strong visual hierarchies that are free of unnecessary fluff, a skillset I learned from designing for persons with disabilities.

I offer support in the following areas:

Client Testimonials

"Working with Cristina was such a pleasure. They took the time to meet with me, listen to my vision of the end product and they really brought it to life! Cristina’s communication throughout the process made it a really enjoyable experience, I would definitely work with them again."

–Syd Collier, Founder of Roots Tea Blends

"Cristina did an amazing job creating a new website and brand that looks professional and completely captures the feel of my nonprofit. Working with them is a real delight – communication is clear and the work is timely. I highly recommend their services."

Georgia Heyward, Executive Director of Fig Education Lab

"Cristina is an absolute pleasure and a pro to work with. A couple of years ago I hired Cristina to transform qualitative research findings into infographics. Cristina never missed a deadline, and was patient translating my convoluted academic thoughts into crisp and clear graphics. The project we worked on was for a non-US audience, for many of whom English may not be a first or even second language, and Cristina took this challenge head on."

Joeva Rock, Anthropologist

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I collaborate with local businesses and fellow artists on more artistic projects like zines, logos, illustrations, motion graphics, and more.