Cristina Villegas

Infinity Center Google Reviews

The Infinity Center for Behavior Services offers Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) therapy to children ages 1-8 who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The director wanted to leverage the overwhelmingly positive Google reviews they’ve received from parents and repurpose them as social media content and promotional flyers.


Graphic design




Social media graphics


1 day per graphic




With the Infinity Center’s branding being very fun, colorful and textured, I focused on designing layouts that incorporated their branding without overpowering the Google reviews. I went with a white background and a large cutout image of a cheerful child to anchor the layout, and sprinkled in the brand’s pattern towards the very top. To make the design feel cohesive, I designed the Google review format in a simpler style that matched the branding’s aesthetic.

The flyer was distributed to pediatrician offices, libraries, and other community centers, and the social media graphics served as posts for rainy days when content was slow.