Cristina Villegas

Humanim 2023 Annual Report

Humanim is a Maryland-based nonprofit building pathways to employment and personal autonomy for those who need it most. For their 2023 annual report, I communicated their impact and metrics through a visual theme of "pathways".


Graphic design


Accessible PDF


1 month





Noun Project

Using Humanim’s main colors (white, blue, black and yellow), I came up with a design inspired by sunlight and fresh air to evoke an inspiring feeling ripe with possibilities. The circle motif serves multiple purposes – it provides an organic texture, it symbolizes data points, and it “connects the dots” of the nonprofit's impact. The gradient background behind photos of staff members and program participants highlights each individual’s warmth and humanity, conveying the person-centered treatment that drives Humanim's programs.

The report is currently being finalized as a screen-reader accessible PDF to be viewed on their website.