Cristina Villegas

City Seeds Cookbook

(In Progress)

As a Humanim Social Enterprise, City Seeds provides classes on culinary skills, kitchen safety, nutrition, and life skills to persons with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges. Executive Chef Aharon is putting together a comprehensive book that will contain recipes and lessons from these classes, serving as a resource for Humanim's program participants and those with disabilities outside of the programs.


Creative direction

Graphic design


Print-ready PDFs


(In progress)





Noun Project

This project is currently in development. These drafts are part of a concept proposal for the overall visual design of the book. The design is based on City Seed’s branding and best practices for designing products intended for adults with intellectual, developmental, and behavioral disabilities. Information will be organized with clear hierarchy, text legibility, and visual aids to maximize comprehension.

The completed book will likely be over 100 pages and is subject to extensive edits from stakeholders within the company, so preparing the InDesign files for systematic style editing is a top priority in the early stages of development.