Humanim: Now Hiring

Humanim, a Baltimore-based nonprofit, has over 35 programs in human services, youth services, workforce development and social enterprise, with a variety of job openings throughout the year. They were in need of hiring graphics that could be flexibly paired with available positions, so I created a set of bold graphics that highlight their approachable staff and reflect the empowering nature of the careers offered there.
Infinity Center for Behavior Services: Now Hiring

Having recently opened their doors for the first time, the Infinity Center for Behavior Services was in need of hiring graphics to recruit staff as their program continues to grow in size. The Infinity Center specializes in individualized treatment plans for children with autism so I depicted the one-on-one relationships the children make with the staff. 
Direct Support Professional Appreciation Week

Every year, Humanim recognizes their Direct Support Professionals for their key role in supporting participants of the nonprofit's developmental disabilities and behavioral health programs. For the daily staff spotlights, I chose to go with a fun and celebratory look that brings a fresh aesthetic to their social media pages.
Infinity Center for Behavior Services: 
Autism Acceptance Month 2022

For Autism Acceptance Month, I worked with the Infinity Center to create a set of informational graphics that followed this year's #CelebrateDifferences theme. The intention was to move away from "Awareness" and instead move towards "Acceptance" and inclusion, while promoting the center's services.
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