Common Thread

The Black Sheep Collective wanted to promote submissions for their upcoming public art project, Common Thread, in which sexual assault survivors from all walks of life will be photographed in the clothing they wore when these traumatic events took place. It was important to keep the campaign discreet so as to not trigger or overwhelm potential participants. We achieved this by creating minimal posters that allude to the project's theme and by leveraging the collective's mysterious persona in a way that invites viewers to scan the QR code and find out more about the project.

View the full project here.
Roots Tea Blends Steeping Guide

Dedicated to inspiring mindful living, Syd of Roots Tea Blends wanted to provide a complimentary steeping guide along with her teas to help educate people and elevate their tea-drinking experience. For this double parallel fold brochure, we used color blocking, subtle botanical illustrations and a wide range of playful, earthy colors to communicate the instructions in a peaceful yet eye-catching manner.
Youth Transition Services

The Youth Transition Services are a group of programs offered by Humanim that aim to help teens with disabilities bridge life after school to entry into the workforce and a career. Their existing flyers for each program were indistinguishable from one another, so we updated them with a distinct yet unified look, as well as gave a nod on each flyer to the other programs they offer.

Connect With: Impact Leaders Network

As in-person events have become more common in 2022, Humanim's Impact Leaders Network wanted to "rekick off" their annual happy hour networking event. We designed this invitation to match the event's interactive activities, which had attendees answer fill-in-the-blank questions like "To me, community is ______" and "I'd like to connect with:______".
Humanim Open Enrollment

For Humanim's 2022 Open Enrollment, we created a set of internal flyers to concisely communicate all of the opportunities employees have regarding benefit plans and to encourage them to participate.
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