Cristina Villegas

Humanim Centralized Admissions

Humanim is a Maryland-based nonprofit building pathways to employment and personal autonomy for those who need it most. Recently, they opened up a Centralized Admissions department, where they process all applications and admissions into their programs. To get the word out to prospective applicants, I designed a one-pager that provides a general overview of the department and how it streamlines access to Humanim's services.


Graphic design




2 days





To communicate the streamlined, person-centered approach of the Centralized Admissions department, I organized the information provided by the communications team into clean columns with ample breathing space. Humanim’s “i” symbol boldly stands as an anchor and a container for the imagery on the cover, and is repeated again on the back page to direct the reader’s eyes to the contact section. With over 35 programs targeting a wide range of needs, I chose images that represented all of the ethnicities and ages that Humanim serves.