GMOs in Ghana

Joeva Rock, anthropologist & lecturer, was looking for a visualization of her research on GMOs in Ghana that would be easy to understand despite language barriers. As she walked me through the complex biotech network at play, I started to see how it resembled a familiar network in nature that people could immediately recognize. From there, mapping out the relationships in the form of a plant system diagram was intuitive.

View the printed diagram in the Journal of African Affairs.
Infinity Center for Behavior Services: Autism Acceptance Month

I collaborated with the directors at the Infinity Center to create two detailed infographics that help parents identify early indicators of autism and understand how to unlock their child's unique potential through the center's individualized treatment plans. These infographics were designed to go along with their Autism Acceptance Month social media campaign.
Humanim Grant Process Guidelines

Humanim recently updated their grant application process and wanted to clearly communicate this to their staff in a concise and digestible format. The goal was to neatly fit the entire process on one page in order to make sure employees read through all of the important steps without feeling overwhelmed.
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